Grip Fitting Guide

Iomic Professional Grip Fitting Service


Iomic UK are pleased to offer a complete grip fitting service:

  1. Simply purchase the Iomic grips of your choice via our web site
  2. Send your clubs to Iomic UK (Professional Golf Europe Ltd, PO Box 210, Hereford, HR1 9FJ)
  3. We will re-grip your clubs with your chosen Iomic grips and return to you within 48 hours. Iomic UK will pay delivery costs for your newly re-gripped clubs to be returned to you.
  4. All you pay for is your grips and delivery of your clubs to Iomic UK, using the delivery service of your choice (we recommend a courier service). Please ensure you retain any tracking numbers / proof of despatch
  5. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us



Fitting Your Own Iomic Grips (at your own risk)

What you need:

The following procedure is for fitting all Iomic golf grips and is a simple, easy to follow guide:


It is best to secure the club using a rubber shaft protector and a vice. The club should be clamped in a horizontal position. Using a utility knife, cut the grip using a firm steady motion. A hooked blade is recommended because it will not cut into the shaft, however a normal blade is perfectly OK with steel shafts. When removing grips from graphite shafts please be sure not to cut into the graphite.
Safety Note: Always cut away from your body to prevent injury

Peel or scrape old tape from shaft. This may require an object with a stiff edge. Depending on how long the grip has been on the club, it may peel off using your fingers. A paint scraper will work on a steel shaft but should not be used on graphite shafts. Graphite shafts require a scraper with a hard plastic edge. Once the old tape is removed, apply white spirit to a clean rag and wipe away tape residue.
Safety Note: Remember, when using white spirit, ensure that the work area is properly ventilated

Place the new grip next to the shaft and mark how low down the shaft it goes; use a pen to mark where the new grip will end on the shaft. Now start to spiral the tape down the shaft with a small gap between the tape. Make sure there is a small amount of tape at the top of the shaft to press down so it will cover the hole (this is to stop anything falling down in the shaft).
Tape Fitting


Secure the club in the vice. Remove tape backing. Pour white spirit liberally over the double sided tape until it loses stickyness. Now lubricate the opening of the grip ready to slide onto the shaft. Next, pinch the opening of the grip between your thumb and index finger. Place the grip opening over the butt end of the shaft and slide grip in place ensuring that the shaft is inserted into the grip completely. There should be no movement at the end of the grip when fitted properly.

Grip Fitting


It is important to align the grip properly. Do this by using the Iomic logo on the front of the grip (ensuring it is straight down the front of the shaft), and the Iomic logos on the cap of the grip (ensuring it is at 90 degrees to the logo on the front of the grip).

Once a new grip has been put onto the club it's best to leave it for around 2 hours before you play with it (this gives time for everything to dry).

Please ensure you take care when using sharp knifes and white spirit and make sure to keep away from minors.
Professional Golf Europe Ltd provides this grip fitting advice whilst accepting no responsibility for any suffered injury whilst doing so. You undertake the task of fitting grips at your own risk.

If you are unsure about any part of this process please contact us or why not take your Iomic grips to your local PGA professional for fitting.

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