About Us

Our grips are unique

Professional Golf Europe is the official distributor for Iomic Golf Grips throughout Europe. PGE maintains an impressive portfolio of golf brands including Vega, United, Radius Putters, Shimada Shafts, Iguana and Iomic.

Please feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to answer any question or consider any suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.

About Iomic Grips

IOMIC manufactures premium, ergonomically designed golf grips that focus on technology.

We uses a revolutionary material called 'IOMAX', which enhances grip feel, reduces torque and allows for a variety of colour choices. The ergonomic design of IOMIC grips, combined with a super soft touch and feel, ensure maximum feedback and control for golfers.

IOMIC Sticky Grips are extremely versatile and suitable for all playing styles, from beginners to top ranked tour professionals. IOMIC grips are a favourite of many top professional and amateur golfers worldwide.

Iomic are unique. Independent testing proves that Iomic Grips have reduced torque and can lower shot dispersion, therefore improving your scores.

Key Features:

  • Less torque on off centre hits giving greater accuracy
  • Waterproof Elastomer construction giving improved grip in the wet
  • UVA resistant – longer lasting grip that will not crack over time
  • Ergonomic design – better traction between hand and club
  • Negative ION infused generates positivity and confidence