I Classic Mid Putter Grip

Hybrid Putter Grip
Iomic Sticky Midsize Putter Grip Red
Iomic Sticky Midsize Putter Grip Red side view
Iomic Sticky Midsize Putter Grip Black

I Classic Mid

Introducing our first ever hybrid putter grip!

Incorporating our smooth putter texture and our tour proven Sticky pattern on the underside, this unique combination allows for superior traction while producing ultimate control and feel.

The Iomic Medium Putter Grip features a squarer profile for those who prefer to feel the contours of their grip. A supremely comfortable grip.

Price: £15.00
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Weight: 65g
Colours: Red | Black


Iomic – The Straightest Grip in Golf
Low torque in Iomic grips can reduce the shot dispersion on off-centre hits by up to 30%, meaning you are more likely to hit fairways, even when you are not swinging at your best.
The Most Consistent Grip in Golf
Iomic grips have extremely tight tolerance of weight due to the vacuum moulding production process and use of Iomic’s elastomer compound.
Iomic Grips are Waterproof
This means that unlike rubber grips, Iomic grips do not soak up water in wet weather.
Iomic Grips are UV Resistant
Standard rubber grips get hard, shiny and brittle over time, reducing the grip and feel.